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When BRS Aerospace is mentioned it is automatic to think safety and life saving.

One of our very early design parameters was to include the BRS parachute in the Wave™. Not only does BRS lead the world in ballistic recovery systems, they invented them, and have redefined aviation safety.

Having sold over 25,000 of its parachute systems and having saved over 320 lives, it is easy to see why we choose BRS and why they have received numerous awards and defence contracts.  This product sits perfectly with our core philosophy of innovation.

Our engineering team is working closely with BRS to ensure you have the very best in safety that enhances an already incredible Wave™, while giving you the ultimate piece of mind for you and your family. 

"The truly innovative and well thought out design of the amphibious Wave™ aircraft, when coupled with BRS' long standing leadership role in aircraft recovery parachutes, creates an aircraft that may well set a new standard in performance, fun, and of course, safety. BRS is honored to have been selected by Vickers for integration into this new aircraft design."

Boris Popov

Founder and senior vice president of sales at BRS Aerospace