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Seats 2
Max. Take-Off Weight 1430lbs (648kgs)
Max. Useful Load 500lbs (227kgs)(option dependant)
Baggage /Storage  Unrestricted up to aircraft maximum useful load (25cu.ft. / 0.71cu.m) 
Fuel Type  Auto-Gas or Av-Gas 
Max. Fuel Capacity  50 US.Gal (190L) 
Max. Cruise Speed  120kts (138mph) / 222km/hr.)
Max. Range (std. tanks, no reserves)  720nm (828st.m / 1333km) 
Take-off and Landing Distance  600ft (182m) (est. at MAUW, S/L, ISA) 
Engine  Continental Titan IO-340 (Fuel Injected 180hp) 
Propeller  72" Catto 3-blade 


Wing Span 30ft. 10in. (9.4m)
Wing Area 150sq.ft. (13.87sq.m)
Length 24ft. 8in. (7.5m)
Height 7ft. 6in. (2.29m)

Cockpit/Cabin Internal

Width 53in. (1.34m)
Length 55in. (1.40m)
Height 44in. (1.20m)

On Trailer

Width 8ft. (2.44m)
Length 28ft. (8.5m)
Height 8ft. 7in. (2.6m)

Standard Design Features



* Instrument Upgrade Options available


Optional Extras

Aircraft features described are not guaranteed and are subject to change. Moreover, the performance specifications set forth herein are merely estimates. Actual aircraft performance will ultimately depend on what options are installed on a given aircraft.