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At Vickers Aircraft, we are focused on delivering the very best product to our customers. Finding good suppliers and partners is key to ensuring that we deliver on this promise.

As Engineers, we want to ensure that the engineering is sound and delivers the performance and safety that underpins the design intent of the "Wave™" aircraft.

The materials must be familiar yet take advantage of the advancements in modern technological developments. To get the optimum performance, efficiency and strength to weight ratios, we combined the best properties of Aluminum and Carbon Fiber.

As Pilots we want to ensure that the avionics and control systems are familiar whilst also being state of the art. They should offer enhanced situational awareness and reduce workload whilst at the same time  providing you full authority over the aircraft.

The ultimate goal is to provide a fun, safe experience in an aircraft that is equipped with all the best safety features and technological advancements that are available today.