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Finding your way around the sky and knowing what your engine and systems are up to is all part of safe, fun flying. Dynon Avionics are the largest suppliers to the experimental and light Sport Aircraft sector and it comes as no surprise that Vickers have selected this innovative leader in this field to provide the primary avionics system for the Wave™.

The Dynon SV-D1000 boasts a bright 10" display, high-resolution screen that is driven by advanced graphics processors to create highly visible and readable display, even in direct sunlight. This system is fully loaded with everything from engine management to auto pilot capability. 

In addition, the instrument panel will also include as standard equipment, an iPad mini which will offer an Electronic Flight Book, Checklists, backup EFIS and as an extra option, can come loaded with a host of apps that are sure to enhance your flying experience.

"The Vickers Wave™ is a beautiful plane and we are excited for its prospects. With the Dynon SkyView panel it will have high-performance avionics to match a high-performance aircraft. This combination makes the Wave™ incredibly well-equipped both for local flying and cross-country flights."

Robert Hamilton

President Dynon Avionics