Vickers WaveTM

Amphibious Light Sport Aircraft

Delivery 2025 | Update May 2024

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Sexy, stylish & sophisticated design.

Ballistic Parachute

Utilising the best recovery chute system in the industry, safety is at the heart of every Wave.

Aft sliding doors

With smooth gliding action, the aft sliding doors provide the easiest access to the Wave's luxurious interior.

Cross-Over landing gear

Patented Cross-over landing gear engineered to allow up to 30 Degrees cross wind landing capability.


With over 4 inches of travel, the Wave hydrofins are engineered to provide stability on both land and water.

Proven Technologies

Delivering known solutions.

Trust comes from familiarity. Combining known technologies in an elegantly simple yet innovative manner ensures that you have piece of mind. The Wave incorporates a known wing design, materials and technology that you know and understand, engine that is proven and an avionics package you can trust.

Proven Manufacturing Techniques

Engineered with safety in mind.

Safety comes first and the “Wave” delivers this completely. Each component has either been CNC machined or carefully handcrafted to exceptionally high standards. Included as standard equipment is an industry leading ballistics recovery parachute. All this delivers peace of mind for you and your family.

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