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The sky is a big place and as pilots we all know that being seen is key to being safe. The Wave™ delivers this without compromise. With our strategic partner, AVEO, the Wave™ is set to deliver not only stunning good looks but meet and exceed industry and regulatory standards for navigational lighting.

AVEO Engineering manufactures high-tech LED lighting systems for the aviation industry. Having worked with prestigious aviation companies such as Sikorsky, Gulfstream, General Atomics, Hughes MD Helicopters, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, AVEO was a natural choice for the Wave™.

CEO and owner, Christian Nielsen had this to say about the Vickers Wave™ Aircraft.

"I have put Aveo's crack engineering team on this program to deliver lights that are not only "totally cool and without any drag profile" but also exceeding the aviation TSO standards for performance by a wide margin, which translates to dramatic safety improvement.  Unfortunately, some companies think that uncertified aircraft can just use automobile lights, but the rules are clear, if you wish to fly from 30 minutes before sundown to 30 minutes after sunrise, you need approved lights.  This program is an exclusive development and these lights will not be available on any other amphibian aircraft in this category."

"We are excited and honored to be selected to develop a generational leap in conformal lighting as a strategic partner with Vickers Aircraft Company. This aircraft is a paradigm-shift and is clearly superior to anything in the market or in development around the globe in this category. As a former Navy pilot and also a seaplane-rated pilot I take a personal interest in great aviation developments like the Vickers Wave™"

Christian Nielsen

CEO and Owner AVEO Engineering