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Power Plant

After taking into consideration power, efficiency, reliability, safety and weight, the Titan IO-340CC is the logical choice of engine to power the Wave.

This state-of the-art engine is a perfect match for our innovative aircraft, offering a unique combination of power and modern technology accessories that only a Continental can provide.

With the backing of Continental Motors Group’s reputation for reliability and manufacturing excellence, the Titan IO-340CC is the ideal power plant for the Wave. 

“We are extremely proud to have been selected as the provider of the engine of the Vickers Wave™. This innovative new amphibian two seat ASTM LSA needed a real aviation engine that would offer more than the traditional 4 cylinder motors available on the market. Our respective engineering teams have, and will continue to, work hard to tailor the engine for this airframe.”

Johnny Doo

Executive Vice President for Marketing and Sales at Continental Motors.